650B Chuckcha

This aweseome steed we created for my man Valentin and is the newest addition to our line up of custom bikes, being a crossbreed of our infamous Chacha touring bike and the 650B Chuck allroadbike. Fully euipped with almost every Gramm bag available, you have ample room for whatever you need on long rides through the wild east. Supple galopping on Rene Herese Switchback Hill 48mm shoes, no matter if you're gravel riding through the prairie or back on smooth roads, you'll always be faster then the rest of the herd. The bike is equipped with a Gevenalle powered 1x11 Shimano drivetrain turned by a Wolftooth chainring mounted to a vintage custom anodized Dura Ace 7400 crankset. Fenders made by our friends at Cycles Berthoud, super comfy contact points by Brooks and ESI. Lights and power supply as usual by SON, Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo. Stems and racks are all made by Fern. Deep black fur made by our man Robert from Velociao . I can already see you riding into the sunset Valentin !