Jonas is an avid climber and mountaineer and he came to us with the idea of building a very special touring-, gravel-, randonneur- bike, which he can use as a transport vehicle for his adventures as well as for his daily commutes and spirited weekend rides. 

Jonas is a strong minded man and whatever he does it seems he does not like to make any compromises and so he made no compromises when it came to building his fantastic dream machine!
Only the fines parts and components we choose for his bike, such as Ingrid derailleur and cassette, Tune seatpost, saddle and handlebar, Lilienthal Copro Carbon rims, Veloduo carbon fenders, hope brakes on Gevenalle Hydro levers, SON Lighting, Rene Herse Snoqualmie 700cx 44mm tires,...and so on...just the best of the best!

Fantastic colour matching bag set made by Gramm Tourpacking including the brand new Diamond Handlebarbag which is the perfect addition to our own framebuilderowned component company's Allygn Diamond Front Rack!

The amazing paint sheme done by Velociao was inspired by a mountain-and-blue-skies-above picture, which Jonas took in Patagonia while climbing the Fitzroy mountain!

I hope you will have many good adventures on your new dreammachineFern Bike Jonas!! ;)