Black Bird SR-71

Is it a bird, is it a plane, it is a Super-Fern!

This crazy bike we build for my man Mo, himself and avid skydiver and base jumper. Mo loves flying, he always seeks the thrill of high speed and his favorite color of all is black,... So we came up with the idea to build a bike like he SR-71 Black Bird, the iconic supersonic spy plane from back in the late 60ties and fastest plane ever been build by humankind! The bike features our brand new prototype Allygn Components Micro Racks which are already equipped with the all new Gramm Tourpacking Micro Panniers. The Micro Racks / Micro Panniers will be launched this spring '24, stay tuned for more info! The Diamond Front Fack and Diamond Bags are readily available now in our online shops! Other than that the bike is build up with only the very best parts and components available out there,... 13sp Ekar drivetrain by Campagnolo, lights by B&M, energy by SON, all other parts by Beast Components, 700c tires by Rene Herse and even a second wheel set with super wide 650B x 56mm Conti Speedkings for hardcore off road riding. Tine created especially for this bike a full custom black bag setup with literally every bag you could only want have, all made from the amazing super light Ultra Sailcloth made by Challenge fabrics. Every part which could be custom painted was coated with mattest black color rubber paint, as usual done by our vampire painter man Robert. Even the Velo Duo carbon fenders (available in our online shop) and racks are custom coated...
This is a real dream bike, "rien ne va plus" as the French would say!
Happy flying Mo, with your new amazing Fern-Bird!