This is our latest new breed,...a cross of the classic randonneur bike CHICO and the rough terrain allroad bike CHUCK. When we created this new type of bike for Nils, we had in mind that this one should be equally capable to handle long distance rides such as Paris-Brest-Paris, but should also absolutely perform on hard offroad- and gravelrides. Fat 650B / 48mm Rene Herse Switchback tires provide a cushy ride even under roughest conditions without making any sacifices in speed. Put on Honjo Fenders for Brevet riding, take them off and you will have room for up 52mm wide tires.
Vintage custom anodized Dura Ace crankset with an incredible low Q-Factor of 142mm. Son hub dynamo and Sinewave headlight for all night long riding, including USB charging.
Simple, clean and light weight Gevenalle 1x11 set up including longpull V-brakes for hassle free and almost zero maintainance riding fun! Crazy lavalamp paintjob by our man Robert from Velociao .