Chacha Rando

I know Andreas, who is a regular guest at our favourite Berlin Feierabend Bierchen Bicycle Hang Out Shops, for a long time now and I always knew one day I will make a bike for him. Finally his long time dream became reality and we made this super nice classic randonneur bicyle for him, with this fantastic and absolutely not so classic at all punk rock crackle paintsheme created by Velociao and a full set of matching bags made by my love Kristin @gramm-tourpacking .
What an amazing bike, featuring all you need for long rides off and on the road, perfect for gravel roads as well as for long distance brevet rides. English style reverse braking sheme with custom flip flopped Paul Component V-brakes. Super nice parts made by our friends @Gilles Berthoud, Rene Herse 650B x 48mm tires, Shifting by Gevenalle, energy and lights as usual by SON.

Hope to ride many miles together with you, see you on one of the next Berlin brevets or as usal next thursday at our all time favourite mechanic bike shop! ;)