Chico 28

And yet another classic Chico 28 Randonneur bike goes out to Andi! Completely equipped with bags made by my love Kristin @Gramm-Tourpacking this bike is ready for any long distance task. The bike comes with our classic and well proven set up of components, featuring as usual super comfy riding on @Rene Herse 44mm Snoqualmie extralight tires, mounted tubeless on the unfortunately no longer available super sonic carbide coated CSS Ryde rims. In combination with V-brakes they offer the best braking power ever to be found on rim brakes, equal if not better to the best disc brakes. Simple and reliable 1x11 Shimano XT drive train in combination with Gevenalle shifters gives you all the gearing you would need for any kind of brevet riding. Smoth spinning with super low Q-factor vintage and custom anodized Dura Ace 7400 crankset, pimped up with a Wolftooth Drop Stop chainring. Fenders and Mudflap made by our friends at Berthoud Cycles. Lights and power supply by SON , "Schmidt's Original Nabendynamo". Comfy contac points made by Brooks and ESI . Handmade frontrack by Fern.
Hope you two will share many happy miles toghther Andi!