The Eagle has landed,... !

We are super proud to finally release our 2020 Showbike to the public. This bike presents the distilled essence of what we have learned along 9 years of intense framebuilding and cycling. Gathering all those experiences we created the absolute, ultimate ultra long distance endurance allroad bike!

This bike features a fillet brazed frame made only from the finest ultra thin walled Columbus tubing, full internal cable routing and Fern's own 160mm direct flatmout standard. The bike is equipped with our brand new framebuilder owned component company ALLYGN Diamond frontrack, which will be availble in a limited edition bundle including a Gramm Tourpacking strap and a cust om Allygn X Ass Savers Mudder Mini front fender now! Check out ALLYGN for more infos!
Probably the most exciting feature on this bicycle is the fully adaptable driver orientatet cockpit which features a Stem-Aerobar-Combo which is also fully removable for normal offroad riding. The Aerobar has an inegrated magnetic waterhose holder which is attached to a hydra pack inside the framebag. The Slinghot stem design allows you to position your GPS device in the perfect center handlebar position. Aerobar crossbar allows to mount additional devices such as the amazing K-Lite Bikepacker headlights for example.
Wide range 1x12sp shifting is provided by our friends at Gevenalle, shifters mounted to TRP Hylex Hydraulic brakes. Left shifter for One-Up dropper seatpost actuation! Superlight wheelset with Stan's no tubes Crest Rims, Conti Speedkings for speed on and off the roads. Power supply and lights by SON. Comfy contact points bei ESI and Tune.
The bike also features the complete package of custom Gramm Tourpacking bags perfectly matching the design and lines of this bike. Bolt on Dual Framebag, custom designed Dropper Seat Bag, bolt on Top Tube Bag, special under downtube bag, and the brand new Gramm Anything Bags!
All this including a NASA design inspired paintjob by Velociao makes well prepared and ready to take off for any kind adventure challenge ahead!