Fixedmaster Fat

My good friend and best working mate ever Paul finally manged to design and build himself his long awaited dream bike. A type of bike which as far as I know does not exist yet. It is a flip flop fixed fixed gear offroad / gravel bike for really tough riding, equipped with Rene Herse super fat 700cx55mm Antelope Pass Tires which will allow you to float over any kind of terrain with ease. As soon the winter season starts and bad weather is coming, just swap the wheels, install the Gilles Berthoud fenders and you run fast and comfy on 44mm Snoqualmie Pass tires. This makes for the perfect commuter bike and winter training machine, helping to keep that spin in your legs and get ready for the next season.
The bike is equipped with our brand new prototype Allygn M.U.D. carbon fork, which we completey designed and engineered here at Fern Bicycles. That fork gives you perfect clearance for tires up to 700cx55m, internal cable routing for SON hubdynamo and brake cable, all the mounts for fenders, anythingcages, lights, just everything. For more details go check our sister companies page
Amazing paintjob as usual done by
I'm so happy that you can finally ride your own Fern bike Paul, there is really no one else in the world who deserved it more then you, thanks for everything mate!