Josef is a very humble man but when sitting on a bike he turns into a real beast! Riding PBP in close to world record time, he is by far not what you would call an average cyclist. When he came first into my shop Josef was looking for a relaxed bike for easy touring,... After finding out what this guy can actually do on a bike I surely had in mind that maybe one day he will ride PBP on a Fern bike. So I created a true performance Randonneur bike for him which he can use for both, for "easy" touring with bags and racks but eventually this machine could be as well used for real hardcore brevet riding. The bike is equipped with only the finest parts and components, such Rene Herse Tires, Tune handle bar, Gevenalle x Garbaruk drivetrain, Extralite brakes, Veloduo Fenders, Thomson / Brooks seat area and so on. Also featuring our infamous Allygn Components Diamond Rack and Gramm Tourpacking Bag which are available now in our online shops!
Fantastic full set of custom handmade bags made by my love Kristin ;) The icing on the cake is the fantastic aubergine and gold paint made by our painterman Rob aka Velociao .

Bonne Route Josef!!