This is a very special bike we made for my buddy Rene who is an avid member of the Berlin brevet riding gang. He came to us with the idea of an light weight multipurpos machine which can be used equally well off and on the road, and as good for long distance riding as well as for your quick weekend spins through Brandenburg´s sandpits. Also he wanted the bike to be fully rinkoable to take it easily on and off trains.
This in mind we created a new version of our classic Chico bike which can do all that. The bike is rolling smooth on 650B x 48mm Rene Herse Switchback tires and is made from superlight Columbus tubing. Like most of our bikes also this one is equipped with our trademark drivetrain, 1x11 Shimano XT controlled by Gevenalle shifters, to be spun with our vintage black anodized cranset and a NOS Dura Ace bottom bracket. A very nice tuning part is the cassette made by Garbaruk.
For making the Chico bike into a Rinko bike we modified the rear custom black anodized Honjo Fender so it can be split and taken off the rear.
All cables are routed outside and sit in split cablestops so they could be easily removed. We even sloted the Gevenalle shifter mount so the complete shifter can be taken off. To separate the fork from the frame we build in a 3,5mm chinch jack which can easily be plugged of the frame. MKS EZY pedals are mandatory.
With all those features his bike can be folded up within a few minutes and popped for free into any train!
Ready to go everywhere I hope you and this wonderful bike will discover many beautiful places all over the world Rene!