Chacha Disc 700C

Sascha approached us already a couple of years ago for a new bike, but the project never really got on due to many reasons,... But however, we never really lost contact and this spring we finally started to make his dream Fern Bicycle become real!

We created a very special bike for Sascha blending modern components such as direct mount flatmount TRP Hylex Disc brakes and 1x Gevenalle drivetrain with the classic silhouette of a fully equipped randonner bike. Wonderful parts made by our friends at Gilles Berthoud are clearly the icing on the cake! To make a really super versatile bike we build in enough clearance for super wide 700cx50mm tires so you can ride this monster really everywhere!

Hope you will have good times finally rollin' on your dream Fern Bike Sascha! ;)