Chuck Disc

This Bike we made for Benno,... Benno is from Bremen in northern Germany and Bremen is famous for all green things,...
The local soccer team Werder sports green trikots, Grünkohl is the classic bremisch winter meal, Becks beer comes in green bottles and so it was only natural that we build a green bike for Benno!
The bike features the new ALLYGN Diamond Front rack which is available now in our online store!
Custom made to measure Gramm Frame Bag, Saddle Bag and Toptube Bag, making this bike super versatile for any kind of bicycle adventure ahead!
Superlight Columbus tubing and Futura cross plus fork, Shimano GRX drivetrain pimped up with Garbaruk ultra wide range cassette and derailleur cage, superlight Tune seat, light and energy supply from SON, DT Swiss hub and rims, Rene Herse 650Bx48mm Switchback Hill tires, full set of Gilles Berthoud fenders,... really everything you need for all year long riding!
Amazing bottle green flipflop paint by bottle man Rob @Velociao .

Looking foward to an after ride Becks beer with you, Benno,...Prost, Flo ;)!