Finally a women's bike again!! It's been quite a while ago I made a bike for female customer and so I was very happy when Birgit came into the workshop and was on fire for having a new custom Fern bike build just for her....
So I created a super versatile bike for her which could be ridden in many different configurations, from classic bike touring, to sporty randonneuring, over daily commuting, up to serious gravel and offroad riding, this bike can do many things and all equally good!
Equipped with Veloduo carbon fenders and rear rack the bike will be used for everyday cycling to and back from work and the bike can carry workstuff, groceries and so on. With a lowrider rack installed in the front it will be ridden on the yearly bike travels loaded with panniers. Equipped with just fenders and the Allygn Diamond front rack plus the matching Gramm Diamond bag it will be perfect rig for weekend tours and sporty randonneur rides. Take off the fenders and the bike turns into a real gravel monster which can fit up to 60mm wide tires and Birgit can go for hardcore offroad riding!

Really one bike for everything!!

I hope you will have many cool and adventurous rides on this beautiful machine Birgit! ;)