This fantastic machine I build for Xaver, who wasn't really sure if wants a race bike, a gravel bike, a randonneur and he also likes riding mountain bikes and he really loves bike touring,...
In the end I build a bike which can do almost everything. I runs on two different wheelsets, one is 700C x 38mm Rene Herse Barlow Pass tires but fits up to 44mm and the other wheel set is equipped with 650Bx48mm Switchback Hill tires and the frame has perfect clearance for our handmade Veloduo carbon fenders. If you run the bike without fenders you can fit monster truck MTB tires up to 60mm! Super nice parts made by our friends at Ingrid, Beast, Campagnolo making this bike a true dream machine! Deep blue Ferrari paint and matching Silca pump by @velociao.
Allygn Diamond rack and matching Gramm Tourpacking Diamond Bag are readily available in our online shops!