This very extraordinary Rohloff randonneur bike we build for my special friend and brevet riding companion Frank. Already back in 2018 we build a super nice rando bike for his girlfriend Bettina and now finally they both can call themselves "Fern-Fahrer"!
Franks is a very strong rider so we build the bike from though but light weight Columbus tubing and created a super special custom slingshot stem with intergrated Rohloff twist grip shifter and crossbar mount for additional devices.
Alex at the Pedalge Bike Shop in Berlin build super strong but light disc wheels with Rohloff / SON hubdynamo / DT Swiss rims, smooth and fast floating provided as usual by Rene Herse with the 650Bx48mm Switchback tires. Vintage Dura Ace crankset, super nice Velo Duo carbon fenders, fender mounted SON taillight and Berthoud saddle are the cherries on the top.
The bike also features our own framebuilder owned component companies brand new Allygn Diamond front rack which is available in our online shop now!
The absolute mega hammer are the ultra custom Gramm Tourpacking Chanel style bike bags which my love Kristin created for Frank's bike,... surely making up for one of the coolest randonneur bikes out there!
Crazy candy colour combination painted by our man Fade-Master-Flash aka Rob at 

Can't wait to sail again in your draft in brevet rides this year, Frank ;)!