In early springtime Tine and I decided to make a spontane short trip to the balearic island of Menorca. We wanted to tackle the infamous ultra rough Cami de Cavalle, an ancient horsetrail that goes all around the complete islands coastline connecting the old watchtowers and fortresses which were errected in order to quickly warn the islanders of oncoming invaders. We were completely blown away by the amazing beauty of the menorcien flora and fauna and we discovered everyday amazing never seen before plants and flowers, spotted turtles, eagles and vultures and many more. The islands touristic centres were still hibernating in wintersleep mode, so we could find wonderful beaches and hidden bays and slept almost every night at the beach and under sky filled skies. The islands nature was exploding in colourful carpets of flowers and blossoms everywhere, while the mystic prehistoric temples and monlithic T-shaped stones of the lost Talayot cult added a nice historical touch to our journey! Menorca is definetively worth to make a trip, especially for all those who are tired of german crowds of cyclists invading the main island Majorca in spring time, searching for intact nature and solitude!